Casinos Not on BetStop - Non BetStop Casinos in Australia ✅

Casinos Not on BetStop – Non BetStop Casinos in Australia ✅

Changes may leave long-time players concerned about how this new legislation could affect their ability to play or put limitations on where and how they could play. It also begs the question, are there any casinos not on BetStop? Please keep reading to find out what you need to know about BetStop, its use, and which casinos are not on BetStop. 

Best Casinos not on BetStop in Australia

MyStake Casino Review – MyStake Not on GamStop



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FreshBet Casino Review – FreshBet Not on GamStop



£1500 Bonus

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✅ high deposit limits | ✅ credit cards | ✅ no GamStop

Mr Sloty Casino Review – Mr Sloty Not on GamStop



£2000 Bonus

400% deposit bonus

accept players from:


✅ no verification | ✅ UK credit cards | ✅ not on GamStop

BetFlip Casino Review – BetFlip Not on GamStop



£3000 Bonus

+1 BTC welcome package

accept players from:


✅ anonymous | ✅ credit cards | ✅ non GamStop casino

Rolletto Casino Review – Rolletto Not on GamStop



£1000 Bonus

+daily free spins

accept players from:


✅ high limits | ✅ credit cards | ✅ non GamStop

DogsFortune Casino Review – DogsFortune not on GamStop



£2000 Bonus

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✅ no verification | ✅ bitcoin | ✅ non GamStop

Harry’s Casino Review – Harry’s Casino Not on GamStop



£5000 Bonus

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✅ daily cashback | ✅ credit cards | ✅ no GamStop

Slots Dreamer Casino Review – Slots Dreamer Not on GamStop


Slots Dreamer

£1200 Bonus

30% cashback

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✅ daily cashbacks | ✅ UK credit cards | ✅ not on GamStop

MrSlotsClub Casino Review – MrSlotsClub Not on GamStop



£2500 Bonus

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Luck of Spins Review – Luck of Spins Not on GamStop


Luck of Spins

£1200 Bonus

+500% crypto bonus

accept players from:


✅ new brand | ✅ credit cards | ✅ non GamStop

Royal Oak Casino Review – Royal Oak Not on GamStop


Royal Oak

£1000 Bonus

+bonus on all deposits

accept players from:


✅ verified brand | ✅ no GamStop | ✅ high limits

Platinum Club Vip Casino Review in 2022


Platinum Club Vip

£3000 Bonus

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Lady Linda Casino Review – Lady Linda Not on GamStop


Lady Linda

£1000 Bonus

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Casobet Casino Review – Casobet Not on GamStop



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✅ no verification | ✅ UK credit cards | ✅ no GamStop

Anonym Bet Casino Review – Anonym Bet Not on GamStop


Anonym Bet

£1000 Bonus

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accept players from:


✅ crypto offers | ✅ UK credit cards | ✅ no GamStop

Any player that has engaged in betting knows there are risks to gambling, namely addiction. Gambling addiction is a growing problem. It could lead to authorities lobbying for stricter mandates among casinos in a given country or province. For example, Australia has introduced new regulations for licensed casinos, including BetStop. 

What is BetStop?

In November 2018, Australian consumers were given a structure to offer protections and measures for self-exclusion from all licensed interactive wagering service providers (WSPs) called the National Consumer Protection Framework. A year later, in 2019, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) was green-lit to develop a Registry called BetStop after amendments were made to the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001.  

BetStop is a self-exclusion registry for national gambling in Australia. It’s pretty similar to GamStop in the UK. Australian consumers will no longer have to self-exclude from individual WSPs because the Registry will streamline the process. Therefore, BetStop will be applied to all WSPs who offer internet or telephone gambling. The system will allow consumers to self-exclude from all WSPs from anywhere between 3 months minimum to indefinitely. 

The ACMA has published materials outlining the rules and regulations of BetStop as it pertains to the individual consumer and WSPs. One example, individuals can not choose which providers they self-exclude from; they will exclude themselves from all 140 licensed gambling providers in Australia if they self-exclude. Additionally, you can extend your self-exclusion period, but you can not reduce it, and you can only apply to BetStop removal after the first three months of your self-exclusion. 

The Purpose of BetStop

BetStop is mandatory for licensed Australian gambling sites to offer. There might be questions on who precisely this Registry is for and for what purpose. However, the primary purpose of BetStop is two-fold. 

Combat Gambling Addiction

The initial thought behind BetStop was to help individuals with an active gambling addiction help themselves. It keeps individuals on the brink of addiction from crossing that threshold. It may be mandatory for licensed Australian casinos to make the Registry available. But it is entirely voluntary for the individual player to opt into the service. No third-party registrations will be accepted. Individuals can only exclude themselves. 

It can be difficult to quit something you are addicted to. But that challenge can be compounded when you have an extensive task list to contend with. Self-excluding from every online and phone wagering service individually would be that task list. BetStop would lighten the load of quitting in one fell swoop. It can leave less opportunity to change one’s mind and stop quitting. 

Crack Down on Illegal Gambling Sites

The added benefit to the BetStop registry comes from being mandated in all licensed Australian sites. As a result, BetStop would assist in cracking down on unlicensed iGaming sites. Actions taken against these kinds of sites come from internet provider bans on specific domains and legal action against said domains. 

BetStop assists in identifying these sites by separating the places that have registered with BetStop to comply with the mandate and those that have avoided doing so because they got no license. 

Even before BetStop, the ACMA has blocked 568 illegal gambling and affiliate sites since 2019. Additionally, since the new rules of illicit offshore gambling, 170 illegal services have exited the Australian market since 2017. Shutting down these operations protects future consumers from using sites that could compromise their data and cause financial loss. 

What is a Non-BetStop Casino?

Due to the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001, certain online services are illegal to provide to the people of Australia, including online casinos, sports betting services that do not hold an Australian license, betting on the outcome of the lottery, and in-play sports betting. As a result, these banned services can’t advertise in Australia, and gaming companies can not offer credit for online betting. 

In layman’s terms, a non-BetStop casino is a gambling site that has not registered with ACMA’s self-exclusion. The difference between a licensed online casino in Australia and casinos not on BetStop in Australia is that patrons bet outside the regulated market. Non-BetStop casinos are often overseas gambling sites. However, they could also be online casinos without a valid license. 

Though these gaming companies do not actively advertise, it is not illegal for a consumer to search for a casino or gambling company that has license outside of Australia or does not have a license. However, other risks may apply to engaging in any unlicensed gambling company. 

Types of Non-BetStop Casinos

Though casinos not on BetStop AU might have a lot in common, they have quite a few distinctions. These distinctions include supported devices, regulators, games, payment methods, and more. These factors will group these gaming companies into specific categories. Let’s take a look at a few.

New Casinos Not on BetStop

New non-BetStop casinos may offer innovations older sites have yet to integrate into their systems. Players will benefit from such features as an aesthetically modern site with intuitive features, attractive bonuses, more options for payment methods, and so on. In addition, these brand-new non-BetStop casinos are more likely to utilize the latest in technology when it comes to gaming. 

Live Casinos Not on BetStop

Sometimes nothing can replace the adrenaline rush of live gameplay. Luckily, there are many options when it comes to living non-BetStop casinos. Often, these casinos will utilize the best software providers to give players a high-quality live experience. Players in dealer games will feel like they are there, in person. 

Mobile Casinos Not on BetStop

Gone are the days of using a PC to play casino games. Nowadays, various platforms with access to casino games are compatible with any mobile device, including iPhones, Androids, and tablets. You can play with the convenience of a data or Wi-Fi connection right at your fingertips. 

Advantages of Non-BetStop Casinos

Betting outside the regulated market means that there may be certain perks that Australian gambling authorities would otherwise restrict. Some of the regulations introduced by Australian gambling authorities help reducing the risk of addiction among gamblers. 

Some of those restrictions include, but are not limited to:

The look of online casinosThe bonusesAdvertisement of games

Though BetStop is an integral measure in fighting gambling addiction, bookmakers should always clearly communicate the risks associated with gambling. So let’s look at how these restrictions differ with any casinos, not on BetStop.

Betting Bonuses

One of the primary benefits of playing at a non-BetStop casino is the bonuses a consumer can access. They can be whether promotional, recurring or as a welcome. You will rarely, if ever, come across any non-BetStop casinos with no deposit bonus. 

In the case of welcome bonuses, a consumer could see their first deposit doubled, up to $1,000, with 200 free spins. These types of bonuses increase your odds of winning. Perhaps legal sites only offer double the deposit, up to $100, and no spins. 

Recurring bonuses may come in the form of free spins or other incentives like doubling deposits on certain days of the week. Promotion bonuses could be 50% of what you lost or played. This provides a safety net that might incentivize you to bet more significant numbers because you’re guaranteed half. The total monetary value of bonuses from non-BetStop casinos is over 40,000 AUD. 

No Deposit Limitations

A large number of Australian casinos enforce deposit limits to play. There is typically a minimum or maximum limit. Each casino sets these limits differently, but it could look like a $20 minimum and $4,000 maximum. Online casinos without BetStop don’t have the same limitations regarding deposits.

No Verification Documents Needed

Most online casinos require some form of identification, whether a government-issued ID, Passport, or ID card, to be compliant. Most casinos not on BetStop will not require the same conditions of verification when you register or go to make the first deposit. All you may need to do is speak with customer support before you create an account and ask them how you should identify yourself. 

Incentive Programs

Established players lucky enough to belong to an elite group will get to partake in certain privileges at non-BetStop casino sites. Several types of VIP programs offer gifts like tickets to a sporting event or dinners at luxury restaurants for a certain percentage of money deposited. 

Variety of Providers

Some players may want to play certain games from developers not found in Australia. Thankfully, there is a list of pokies not on BetStop with more extensive games for players to choose from. You may even find games you won’t find in the AU market. 

Legal and Safe

Making bets in casinos with a foreign license is just as legal and safe as it would be at any Australian casino. Legit non-BetStop casinos offer the ability to make your deposit with a credit or debit card from notable brands like Mastercard, Visa, or American Express. There may even be some non-BetStop casinos with PayPal as an option. Be sure to do your research beforehand, especially concerning payment methods.

Also, be aware that if you desire to pause your play at these online casinos without BetStop, you will need to contact each casino and ask to be excluded. 

How to Play at Casinos Not on BetStop

Now that you know about BetStop, what casinos are not on BetStop, and the benefits of any casinos not on BetStop, let’s look at how to play at these safe non-BetStop casinos. The registration process is comparable to other AU casinos, with the most notable difference being that non-BetStop pokies have no affiliation with the ACMA. 

To register and start playing at the latest non-BetStop pokies, you will need three items:

Mobile device, tablet, or computerA reliable internet connectionTop list of the best casinos not on BetStop

Once you’ve gathered your materials, you can follow these few easy steps to register and begin playing today:

Decide on a Trustworthy Non-BetStop Casino

There are various trusted non-BetStop Casinos for you to choose from, and you can find them through a simple inquiry through your search engine. Remember to research the top online casinos not on BetStop, and choose from there.

Register and Open an Account

Once you’ve decided on the best non-BetStop casino for you, visit their site and fill you the registration information needed. This process is easy and quick, averaging around 2-3 minutes.

Make Your First Deposit 

Though there may not be a cap on the maximum deposit you can make, most not on BetStop casinos will have a minimum starting deposit to play, typically around $10. As an incentive for your first deposit, most non-BetStop casinos offer deposit bonuses. Read all rules and conditions before proceeding to place any bets or make any transactions. 

Start Participating

After you’ve signed up, created your account, and made your first deposit, you can join a game and begin playing with your funds. 

Games at Non-BetStop Online Casinos

With regulations restricting certain aspects of casino gambling, it may be the question of whether the games in pokies not on BetStop are any different from those that use BetStop. However, the best non-BetStop sites regularly update the game libraries and offer a diverse selection of exciting and popular games for players. 

Though the games don’t vary much between casinos, not on BetStop and those that are, the bonuses and possible free spins enhance play and increase your chances of winning. 

Here are some games you will see at a non-BetStop online casino site:

Non-BetStop Poker

Poker requires more skill than other standard games like bingo or slots, but it is still accessible for new players. There is a lot of information and tutorials a player can use to learn the game and increase their chances of winning.

Non-BetStop Slots

Easy to use and suitable for any level of experience with gambling. Most non-AU casino sites offer hundreds of slot titles from the most high-quality software providers. These providers create dynamic games with exciting themes, aesthetically pleasing graphics, and catchy sounds to accompany the experience. 

Non-BetStop Bingo

If poker is a bit too complicated with rules and you’re looking for something simpler, bingo may be the game for you. Bingo does not require any complex skills to play. In addition, platforms typically offer a variety of bingo games, some of which provide ample bonuses to boost your gameplay. 

This is not an exhaustive list of games you will find at casinos, not on BetStop. Other games typically offered include progressive jackpots, live games, table games, and many more. 

How to Identify Reputable Non-BetStop Casinos from Scam Sites

When dealing with casinos that are not under the same regulations as Australian licensed casinos with BetStop, caution must be taken to ensure that players and their finances are safe. The lack of specific rules can be a ripe opportunity for scammers and fraudsters. Luckily, there are a few ways to identify safe non-BetStop casino sites from scam sites. 

Check the License

Just because a site is not on BetStop doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have a proper and legal license for gambling. The best safety measure you can take when engaging with a non-AU casino site is ensuring they have a permit. Licensing information is displayed on the site’s homepage with licensing numbers, logos, etc. 

Check the Reviews

Scammers’ most prominent ally in getting away with fraud is ignorance. Players who don’t do their due diligence and size up a non-BetStop casino’s reputation could fall victim to scams. A quick inquiry into a search engine will produce tons of first-hand player experiences with a casino not on BetStop. Heed negative comments and reviews from players; as a best practice, avoid these sites. 

Quality of Games

Legitimate online non-BetStop casinos use top-quality software providers to bring the players the most entertaining, high-quality, and safe games. A site can only offer older or low-quality games without much variety. That could be a telltale sign that they aren’t running a legitimate operation. 

Payment Methods

Similar to the quality of games, the types of payment methods specific casino sites not on BetStop offer could indicate that they are unsafe to engage with. Reputable non-BetStop casinos will offer reliable payment methods. Some sites provide payment methods you’ve never heard of. Or they only have a limited number of options that don’t seem the most uncontroversial. In this situation, you can find somewhere else to play. 

Here is a list of the top payment methods at online casinos not on BetStop:

Mastercard/VisaAmerican ExpressBitcoinEthereumTrustlyNeosurfNetellerQiwi WalletPaysafecard

This is not an exhaustive list but a starting point in learning safe, well-known payment methods by gaming companies. 

Australian Casinos Not on BetStop

With all the regulations enacted in the last few years, cracking down on gambling addiction and illegal gambling sites, will there be any AU casinos not on BetStop left? If the ACMA has anything to do with it, eventually, there will be no non-BetStop Australian casinos in time. This is because licensed Australian gambling sites have been given time to comply with the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001. This made BetStop possible. 

If any online Australian bookmakers do not comply and register with BetStop, they may suffer consequences through actions taken by authorities. Internet providers will block other sites not on BetStop that may be illegal.

The ACMA has even gone as far as to investigate software providers if they find online casinos using their software that does not comply with regulations, including targeting Australian citizens. The consequence was the ACMA taking action to block these services. So if you’re looking for sites not on BetStop, the best bet is to look in the foreign market. Australian online casinos not on BetStop do not exist. 

Disclaimer: BetStop applies strictly to online or telephone gambling. It does not apply to in-person gambling, not utilizing one of these gambling methods. Other restrictions may apply to in-person gambling locations in Australia. 


Do all non-BetStop casinos offer free spins?

While casinos not participating in BetStop are more likely to offer incentives like free spins, among other bonuses and benefits, it is not a guarantee that every non-BetStop casino will offer free spins to existing or newly registered players. However, with 1,200+ free spins from casinos not on BetStop, you’re likely to find a non-BetStop casino that offers free spins. 

Is it illegal to play at casinos not registered with BetStop?

It is not illegal to register and play at non-BetStop casinos. It is also not illegal to seek these sites out via an inquiry on your search engine. As long as you are of age to legally gamble, you can register and play at casinos not using BetStop. Just be sure that the site you use has a license. Otherwise, you make yourself vulnerable to data compromises and financial loss. 

Is RTP the same at all non-BetStop casinos?

Return to Player (RTP) is different at all casinos not using BetStop. The RTP is determined by a few factors, including the total amount a particular game is played by a single player and the total amount won overall. Therefore, paying attention to the RTP percentage in your betting decisions will help improve your chances of earning more.

Are there any disadvantages to casinos not being on BetStop?

A disadvantage would be subjective, but there is no safety net with non-BetStop casinos regarding excessive gambling or gambling addiction. Playing at casinos, not on BetStop, requires the player to control their gambling habits and use their better judgment regarding their financial well-being.
When it comes to online casino sites accessible in Australia, if they are not on BetStop, you risk them possibly being illegal and, therefore, risk data compromise or financial loss. Even if the ACMA blocks these sites and shuts them down, that does not mean your information is now protected. 

Are all non-BetStop casinos safe?

Licensed casinos not on BetStop are safe because they take strict measures on security and provide top-notch customer support, among other benefits like secure payment providers. Any unlicensed non-BetStop sites are not obligated to adhere to such actions and can be unsafe. Some unlicensed casino sites may be set up expressly to scam players. 

What are the best casinos not on BetStop?

The best non-BetStop online casinos are safe and reliable for all players. In addition to safety, they offer an extensive library of the latest games with the very best in high-quality software, special incentives, and various secure payment methods. There are at least 30+ online casinos not on BetStop. 

What are the best non-BetStop casinos in Australia?

The ACMA ensures that all licensed casinos that offer internet or telephone gambling comply by registering with BetStep so players can be self-excluded if desired. There will be no exceptions. Therefore, the best AU casinos not on BetStop are in-person casinos that don’t offer telephone and online gaming, therefore, are not applicable. Any in-person gambling experience in Australia is safe from BetStop but may have to comply with other regulations enacted by gambling authorities. 

Can you self-exclude from a non-BetStop casino?

Yes, you can still self-exclude from a non-BetStop casino, but the process differs. If you desire to self-exclude from a casino not registered with BetStop, you will be required to contact each casino via email and request to be self-excluded. Depending on how many non-BetStop casinos you are registered with, it could be a lengthy process. 

Final Thoughts

Gambling at a non-BetStop casino is straightforward. It only requires due diligence to ensure your information and finances are safe by only registering with reputable sites. You still have the option to self-exclude. Therefore, you can enjoy the added benefits you will not find at Australian casinos using BetStop. Now you have the knowledge and the tools to gamble at non-BetStop casinos safely. 

Author: Donald Sanders